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Sales & Delivery

The company goal is to increase the turnover gradually, but constantly, by enlarging the range of products and the markets which AVECO addresses.  AVECO has sales and distribution organisations in several countries such as  the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Denmark, the US, Greece  and so on. With our production facilities in Istanbul , we are flexible and independent for quick and accurate delivery.  After a final quality control according to our appropriate inspection schedules, we prepare the pallets in a way to make them fit into container with minimum empty space and maximum efficiency.

During loading process, our experienced logistics team uses state-of-art technique to achieve zero damage. In order to guarantee excellent service and rapid delivery we have a wide range of packaging and disposables in stock at our warehouses. As a company, our highest priority is being strictly committed to the delivery dates which we promised. At ordering process we carefully check our production schedule and determine expected delivery times. We almost invariably meet those expected delivery times; if it is possible we make them  shorter. One of the most important reasons of why our customers prefer us is our strict commitment to promised delivery times. We can use various types of Incoterms according to our agreement with the customer, such as EXW, FOB and even door-to-door delivery. During transport process we cooperate with our strong transport solution partners to provide the best service and shortest transit time at reasonable costs.

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