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About Us

AVECO PACKAGING was founded as a sister company of one of the first disposable plastic packaging manufacturers in Turkey; which has been operating since 1987. Being the second generation of this highly reputable and well known manufacturer,  we proud of  providing highly hygienic, superb quality plastic packaging solutions to the global market. AVECO supplies a wide range of products in packaging industry. In addition to the plastic packaging products those are produced in our own group, we also supply articles made by other leading manufacturers who produce disposable plastic products, thermoforming machinery & moulds and operate with the same high standards of quality and service of AVECO. 
Taking pride in our high quality products and having the desire to excel constantly are undeniable necessities for our success. AVECO places high priority on its customers’ demands  and specific wishes. This dedication leads AVECO to consistent product development, strict quality control and clear customer communication. By adhering to strict corporate principles, AVECO provides  an outstanding level of customer satisfaction. Because as being AVECO PACKAGING, we believe that: “Providing a good product is not only good business, it is a moral responsibility.”

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