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Environmental Responsibility

As being AVECO we are aware of the environmental responsibility at each stage of our production processes. Our own group’s manufacturing processes are constantly evaluated and monitored in order to minimize environmental impact from our ongoing operations. We proudly confirm that as a whole factory we have %0 chemical waste. After thermoforming and cutting process all plastic sheet remainders and wrongly-cutted manufacturing flaws are collected in our plastic cutting workshops and broken into tiny pieces to be involved  into the next production process. Our products are suitable for recycling.

AVECO has been dedicated to provide the highest quality plastic packaging solutions to customers while maintaining a respectful and responsible attitude toward the environment. Our plastic packaging products achieve to preserve food better and can extend the shelf-life of products which means far less food is thrown away.  Besides this, thanks to their recyclable feature, day by day at a higher rate, they are involved into next production processes so that their environmental impact is decreasing constantly. While producing disposable plastic packaging products we certainly never forget about the environment and are closely involved in the development of packaging made from natural and renewable materials.

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