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Design & Production

Starting with the users’ needs, we design high quality disposable plastic products with appealing and ergonomic appearance. We always have the passion to revise our designs in accordance with the feedbacks of end users in the market. We develop new packaging products or improve existing ones by constantly investing in innovative and value-added packaging solutions. As being AVECO we examine the requirements of our customers and suggest developments or cost-saving opportunities which could improve the final solution for the customers. By keeping clear communication with customers throughout the packaging design process, we can ensure that they receive the best possible products while keeping costs as low as possible. 
As soon as we finalize design solutions that precisely meet our customers’ needs, we produce the products in our own group’s facilites. The manufacturing area is equipped with modern wide-range of machines which enable to produce from raw materials to finished plastic (PVC,PP and PS) packaging products. All production takes place at our facility in Istanbul. The company area covers 8.000 m2 of which 2,200 m2 are dedicated for production. Thanks to our expert design and engineering team, as well as the most efficient methods of manufacturing, we are able to consistently achieve a high level of quality, service and capability in the market.

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